Helping Latter-day Saints Be Prepared to Minister to Our LGBTQ Brothers & Sisters

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A Collaborative Event Between:

A Collaborative Event Between:

20+ Presentations to Help Leaders Understand How to Be More Inclusive While Guarding and Respecting the Sacred Doctrines of the Gospel. A Faithful Approach to Rescuing Those Who Feel Rejected...

"I avoided knocking on the door of the same-sex couple in my ward... and now I REGRET IT!"

When I served as bishop I knew there were two men living in a same-sex relationship in my ward. I knew that one of them was a returned missionary, but I assumed he didn't want me, his bishop, knocking on his door. There was a mutual understanding that I wouldn't bother them if they wouldn't bother me. It's not that I didn't want to talk with them, but mainly, I didn't want it to be awkward. I figured they had zero interest in the gospel and so why should I insert myself into their life? 

I really regret it now. It was an opportunity for deeper understanding and the start of a stronger community. They didn't have to agree with their bishop in order to have a relationship with him. 

Maybe you can think of a similar situation in your ward. Or maybe there is an active member who is still wrestling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Like me, you probably don't have the knowledge or understand of how to effectively minister to these individuals. 

This online conference will give you the ability to start ministering in a confident manner and to effectively reach out to those in your community who are LGBT.

What You'll Learn During the Summit

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Christy Kane, PhD

  • Having healthy conversations with children and teens about sexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity
  • Being mindful of what children hear regarding sexuality and gender orientation 
  • The importance of understanding different types of human connection 

Richard Ostler

  • Why leaders shouldn't be afraid of the LGBT subject and how to be open to learning more
  • Knowing there are many official church statements on this subject 
  • Why helping LGBT feel they "belong" is more important than helping them "fit-in" 

Ty Mansfield

  • Navigating the tension between love and doctrine
  • The importance of creating a life giving narative to LGBT Latter-day Saints
  • How cultural change can add pressure on religious change and how to balance them both

Ben Schilaty

  • The important stages of "coming out" and how to recognize them.
  • Why many LGBTQ Saints come out to their bishop first and what questions to ask
  • Instead of prescribing a path, help members learn how to receive personal revelation

Becket Cook

  • How Jesus Christ must be the answer to overcome all of life's desires
  • Finding an identity in Jesus Christ
  • How the LGBT experience is applicable to all types of Christians 

Blake Fisher

  • What to consider before, during, & after a leader meets with an LGBT Latter-day Saint
  • Focusing on Christ not on Outcomes
  • How to sit in the tension between sexuality & faith

Scott & Becky Mackintosh

  • To Attend or Not Attend an LGBT Wedding?
  • How parents experience their own "coming out" after their child comes out
  • Being the parent (leader) your child needs

Spencer Thompson

  • What is North Star and how can leaders use this organization as a resource
  • How to help LGBTQ Saints find community & connection
  • How to be a constant support for LGBTQ Latter-day Saints

Mike Ramsey

  • Being raised as a Latter-day Saint with a lesbian mother
  • How to accept my gay parent while also accepting the church
  • Realizing it wasn't my job to convert or "fix" my gay parent

Jeff Bennion

  • Understanding the diverse moral systems around the LGBTQ experience
  • How our understanding of the law of chastity impacts our way of ministering to LGBTQ Saints
  • Why sexual orientation is way more complex than what we see on the surface

Summit Schedule

Sept 8

Spencer Thompson - Finding Community Through North Star International
Ty Mansfield - The Tension Between Love & Law

Sept 9

Richard Ostler - Listen, Learn, & Love LGBTQ Latter-day Saints
Travis Steward - Avoiding Leadership Pitfalls

Sept 10

 Blake Fisher - Creating Safety for LGBTQ Latter-day Saints in the Bishop’s Office 
Diane & Shane Carpenter - How Being Gay Has Prepared Me for a Mission

Sept 11

Michael Goodman - It is Christ Who Makes Us Whole
Ganel-Lyn Condie - Circling & Supporting Our LGBTQ Community

Sept 12-13

David Smurthwaite - Charity Seeketh Not Her Own
Ben Schilaty - The Phases of "Coming Out"
Mike Ramsey - Being the Child of a Gay Parent in the Church

Sept 14

Tom Brocksome - Mentoring LGBTQ Youth
Chelsea Chipman - Creating LGBTQ Safety in the Classroom

Sept 15

Scott & Becky Mackintosh - Boldly Loving Your LGBTQ Child
Jeff Bennion - The Complexity of Sexuality & Attraction

Sept 16

Monica & Landon Phillips - Leading Transgender Latter-day Saints
Victoria Adam - How My Ward Made Room for Me

Sept 17

Michael Goodman & Justin Dyer - Suicide & Religion
Jeff Case - Understanding & Minimizing Suicide

Sept 18

Bennett & Becky Borden - Welcoming Back Those Who Left
Becket Cook - A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption

(More Speakers Announced Soon - Order of Presenters Subject to Change)

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